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Steve P., Copperopolis, CA

I have been using Valley Legal Documents for many years.  Deborah has provided professional, accurate and cost effective solutions for my legal needs with a special flair of excellent customer service and follow through that I have seldom seen.  I appreciate the hard work and commitment she and her team has made to ensure my legal needs are met/exceeded.

Stephen F., Los Altos, CA

We worked with Deborah Uhtof, owner of Valley Legal Documents, to create a Restated Trust and Will for our 95-yr old mother.  After going through this process with our own Trust attorney, we found the experience of working with Deborah refreshing.  She was prompt, knowledgeable, cordial, reasonably priced and helped mom (and us) through the process in a couple of days, for well under $1,000.  Try getting that from a lawyer!  We recommend Deborah as a highly qualified provider of legal documentation and knowledge.

Brandon S., Ipswich, MA

Thinking about one's death is never an easy subject!  I have been putting off getting a Living Trust completed, in addition to a Will and an Advanced Healthcare Directive. While I am in no way ill, or in a rush, I wanted the peace of mind that, if something did happen to me, my family would be well taken care of.  I interviewed a few paralegals and attorneys in the area, and Deborah offered the most comprehensive services at the best price. It seemed like she knew her stuff, and was very responsive to phone calls and emails.  Deborah completed the documents very quickly and mailed them to me completed, with instructions in how to execute them.  I was very happy with the end result and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to a family member or a friend. 

Greg E., Santa Cruz, CA

Deborah came through for us very quickly and with flying colors.  It was hard to find someone knowledgeable in complicated Probate documents who wasn't an attorney who just want to run up your bill or who doesn't do what they say they will do for you, or do it incorrectly.  (We've had all of those things happen before).  Deborah really knows her stuff!  We contacted her close to our court date, she recognized the urgency and corrected our documents and got them back to us organized, thorough and complete.  Deborah was fast, efficient, her prices are reasonable, and we trust her completely.  We felt we finally found someone competent and were in good hands.  If I need help again with legal documents, I will look to Deborah again.

Anastasia Z., San Jose, CA

I found Deborah through her great reviews on yelp and I am also giving her a well deserving 5 star review.  I wasn't sure of what my attorney did 15 years ago with some paperwork that was not needed after all, however Deborah found the case, answered my questions within the hour and showed me her most pleasant and professional side to her.  I will recommend her service and professionalism to whoever I know that needs help with legal documents. Thank you Deborah. Also, I didn't even remember my attorney's name (at the time) and Deborah was able to provide that too, and the dates and etc., all with a phone call.

Lianna S., Carlsbad, CA

Well, no way to sugar coat this one but I got a divorce, his loss. This place handled my business and they were professional, thorough, easy and affordable. Deborah did everything from beginning to end and made my life a million times easier, highly recommended.  Now I know where to go next time! Just kidding.

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