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The state of California requires a Probate process if the decedent died with a gross estate valuation of more than $150,000 in assets subject to Probate, and the assets were not held in Trust.  If real estate, financial or personal property must be transferred to heirs and beneficiaries through a Probate proceeding, we can assist you for much less than an attorney would charge, typically one-third or less of standard fees charged by an attorney.  Our Probate Service fees are set according to the amount of work that is required to complete the Probate action, not as a percentage of the size of the decedent's estate as an attorney would charge.

Probate Phase I is $1500 and consists of Probate Opening and Notifications, as follows: 

  • Initial Consultation with Client(s)

  • Obtain Original Will

  • Obtain Names and Addresses of Beneficiaries

  • Review the Decedent's Estate for Probate

  • Prepare the Petition for Probate

  • Prepare Waiver(s) of Bond, or

  • Prepare Notice of Petition to Administer Estate

  • Prepare Duties and Liabilities of Personal Representative

  • Prepare Letters of Administration

  • Prepare Order for Probate

  • Client(s) Review and Sign Documents

  • Obtain Hearing Date and Case Number from the Court

  • File Petition for Probate and Other Documents with the Court

  • Lodge Order and Letters of Administration

  • Lodge the Decedent's Will with the Court

  • Arrange for Publication of Notice

  • Mail Notice of Petition to Administer Estate

  • Ensure that Notice of Publication has been Filed with the Court

  • Obtain Copies of Letters and Order After Hearing

  • Prepare Inventory and Appraisal

  • Arrange for Probate Referee to Appraise Probate Assets

  • Prepare and Mail Notices of Administration to Creditors

  • Prepare Change in Ownership Statement for Real Property

  • Obtain EIN for Estate Bank Account

Probate Phase II is $1500 and consists of Probate Distributions and Discharge, as follows: 

  • File the Completed Inventory and Appraisal with the Court

  • File Creditor Claims Approvals or Rejections with the Court 

  • Prepare Notices of Proposed Actions

  • Prepare the Petition for Final Distribution on Waiver of Accounting; or

  • Prepare Petition for Final Distribution with Accounting (If complex, may require additional fees)

  • Prepare Waiver of Accounting for Beneficiaries

  • Prepare Notice of Hearing for Petition of Final Distribution

  • Prepare the Order for Final Distribution

  • Client(s) Review and Sign Petition

  • Obtain Hearing Date for Petition of Final Distribution

  • File Petition and Lodge Orders with the Court

  • Prepare and Mail Notices to Beneficiaries

  • Prepare Receipts of Beneficiaries

  • Prepare Final Order for Recordation

  • Prepare Ex Parte Order to Discharge Probate Administrator

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